How to Type Chinese in Windows 7

switch to chinese keyboard window

1.  In Windows 7, go to “Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Region and Language“…

Region Language in Windows 7 Control Panel

2.  In the Region and Language dialog that comes up, go to the Keyboards and Languages tab and click the Change keyboards button …

change keyboard in Windows 7

3.  As you can see in the Text Services and Input Languages dialog, only the US keyboard is currently installed.  Click the Add button …

add language keyboard in Windows 7

4.  In the Add Input Language dialog, select the one of the Chinese input languages…

pick Chinese input language

and click OK.

5. Now your Text Services and Input Languages shows the Chinese keyboard in addition to the US keyboard …

chinese keyboard added to Windows 7

Click OK to this and the other dialog boxes.

6. Now you see the language bar icon in the Notification Area.

language icon in Windows 7 notification area

The icon currently shows EN because English is still our default keyboard for the currently active application.  As you move from one application to another, you may see the language icon switch to the language that was set for that application.

7.  You can switch to the Chinese keyboard by clicking on the language icon and checkmark the Chinese keyboard.

switch to chinese keyboard

See how the language icon switched to CH to indicate that the Chinese keyboard is in effect.

8.  Sometimes it help to display the full language bar, so you can checkmark “Show the language bar” …

show language-bar in Windows 7

This is what the Chinese language bar looks like …

chinese language bar

You can dock the language bar back to the notification area by clicking on the minimize icon on the bar.

9.  With Asian languages, sometimes it is helpful to use the IME pad.   From the Tools menu of the language bar you can select IME Pad.  IME stands for “Image Method Editor”.

IME pad in Windows 7

10. Launch WordPad and try typing in the new langage.

11.  To uninstall a keyboard, go back to the “Text Services and input languages” dialog, select the language to remove and click the Remove button.  Click OK to the rest of the dialogs.