5 Steps to Quickly Fix Your DNS Lookup Failed Error: Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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5 Steps to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error: Samsung Galaxy S5

Are you having problems connecting to your WiFi on your Samsung Galaxy S5?

On the Samsung Galaxy S5 and earlier versions, some users’ devices are not connecting to the server properly and as a result get a DNS lookup failed error when they try to surf the web.

Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one with this problem and we can help you fix it!

By following our step by step guide you can solve your connectivity issue quickly and get back to browsing normally on your Samsung device.

Before we view our solution, let’s take a quick look at what DNS is and what can be some symptoms of DNS problems.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System or DNS as it’s more commonly referred to tranlates the internet domain name to an IP address. Think of it like when seeing the president give a speech, there is always an interpreter signing the words he’s saying for those who may be hearing impaired. Well the DNS translates the domain name (the words being spoken in our example) to an IP address (the corresponding translation of the spoken words in sign language) so that you the audience (the server) gets the message.

Many times DNS errors are associated with your browser running slowly, pages not fully loading, pages not responding, or not loading certain sites.

With the continued growth of mobile browsing we no longer just have to worry about these errors on our desktops and laptops, but these errors can now effect our cellphones and tablets.

So how do we address this DNS error on your phone, more specifically your Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Galaxy S5

The specific error you see when trying to use the browser on your cellphone is something along the lines of “DNS lookup failed.”

This error can be caused by a number of things such as having no connection to the internet, a misconfigured network, an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing internet from accessing the network.


To get Wi-Fi fixed on your Samsung Galaxy S5, follow the instructions detailed below:


1. First things first, start by restarting or resetting your phone. Sometimes these devices get a little out of whack and a quick reset to the default settings can get it working like new.


2. Make sure your Wi-Fi is enabled by Navigating to Settings (Quick Settings) ->Wi-Fi and toggle the switch to enable it.


DNS_Error_Samsung_Galaxy_S5 WiFi


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3. Now to get things working, you will need to connect to your desired wireless network. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use “I-Connect”. Select Show advanced options and scroll down to IP Settings.


DNS_Error_Samsung_Galaxy_S5 IP Settings


4. Select the IP settings menu and choose Proceed with entering the values manually.

If you are not sure what values to use, take a look at your network adapter status on your computer. Below are some default settings that would work with most default router setups.


DNS_Error_Samsung_Galaxy_S5 IP Settings



DNS_Error_Samsung_Galaxy_S5 Standard IP Values


Here are other default values:

DNS 1 -> and DNS 2 ->

Additionally, you can run command prompt (cmd.exe) on your computer which is already connected to the desired access point.

Use the following command: ‘ipconfig /all’ which will display full configuration information about your access point.

5. Now go back to your Wi-Fi settings page and click your desired access point name and it should show you the manually entered IP values.


Your Wi-Fi issues should now be over. If you have further questions or need assistance with the values, feel free to ask.

If you are still having problems here are some other things to keep in mind via Earl Borah at The Droid Guy

  • Your router isn’t broadcasting in a clear spectrum. Things like other phones and microwaves can interfere with your router’s signal.
    • Fix: Try using a different frequency such as 5Ghz for clearer broadcast.
  • Try testing your router’s signal varying in distance to the router, but try to avoid obstacles such as thick walls or other electronic devices that could effect your signal.
  • The distance you are using your cell from your router can effect it’s signal strength. Try changing your frequency from 5Ghz to 2.5Ghz, which tends to have a wider range.
  • Then as a last resort contact technical support for your router and cell service provider.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet Back to Normal

By following all of the above steps you should have fixed your DNS lookup failed error on your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. You should now be able to surf the web on your phone with no connectivity issues and restore the convenience of browsing the internet via your mobile device.

If the above steps didn’t work for you email us at contact@computertutorialsonline.com or leave a comment below and we will be sure to get back to you so that we can help you fix your device!

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